BaZi Wealth : Born with a silver spoon

More like a “platinum” spoon now … The olden day saying of someone born into a rich/well-off family. They naturally have a head start in life when compare to us common folk. Their parent paid the price by planting the field and their generation get to reap what their parent has sow.

To “find” someone that is born into richness is not necessary a difficult thing. The star that you are looking for is of course the well sough after wealth star. Wealth star denote your ability to work hard (yupe, money still don’t fall from sky). In the olden day, a farmer that is hardworking plant more crop, a fisherman stay longer hour at sea catch more fish and a merchant that run more route will have more trade. All those activities is translated into income/money.

Since a kid (<17 years old) cannot really earn money, it actually make it easy to read their chart for parent wealth. You just have to look for the wealth star reside in early stage of their life. Early stage is the Year Pillar (<17 years old) and the early 2 luck pillar. (between 0-20).

Above are chart of Jennifer and Rory Gates, just incase … their father is Bill. You can already see the wealth star appear in their Year stem, which already indicate their wealth is well known … early pillar also see the wealth star appearing. Easy enough ?

maxima-zuckerbergThis is Maxima Zuckerberg, daughter of Mark (just in case you miss, her father is rich). Wealth star at year stem again (starting to get creepy?) and Luck cycle with wealth luck on the 2nd and 3rd pillar.

timmy-tanHe is Timmy Tan … bet you don’t know who his father is (Lucio Tan). Again, you see the stem Wealth year pillar and early wealth luck cycle.

This has actually been a very good indicator if you are looking for rich 2nd generation to work with. A few application on this which you can sure apply.

  1. Look for a rich husband/wife. one look at his/her birthdate and you already know how much room to give that person.
  2. Look for business partner. Investment capital stop being the issue with a loaded parent. but you would need to deal with their Diva attitude.
  3. Look at your own child. This is a good indicator if you will ever be rich yourself.
  4. Look at your prospective customer. Now you know if the price was ever an issue in the negotiation.

There is no noble/evil in application, information has always been there, how you eventually used the information set you apart from the scoundrel. IF you don’t use this, other will surely exploit it.

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