BaZi 2018 : Water, Taking on giants.

Water cover about 70% of the earth surface and 90% of water is in the ocean. Yet we often see the wave relentlessly attacking the shoreline trying to engulf even more land. Water in actual have a natural tendency to avoid land (Mountain) as water head downward joining their brethren in the ocean, while earth will never chase after them. Water and Earth don’t really fight each other, you leave me alone (Mountain) and I’ll go my way (water).

2018 sees a rather difficult situation for Water as the double earth from Wu Xu blocking their path ahead. Earth represent the influence star for water DayMaster. This star is all about law and order. There are rule and regulation as well as unwritten cultural norm that run the society at large. People in general will be looking for you to find a breakthrough like water trying to find crack in a dam. It is this high expectation that you can find a way that give you the tremendous pressure of 2018.

Xu carries sub Qi of Xin metal (Resource) and Ding fire (Wealth) which signal a hidden opportunity within the difficult situation. Like water of the ocean, the battle front is at the shoreline when you have sufficient backup to face the obstacle. Resource represent external help inform of other people experience (knowledge) while wealth represent relentless effort to work on the issue ahead. Seek help, work hard and more importantly make that big decision to take action.

For those that has just started their journey, its a year to be humble and find gentle way in order to avoid confrontation. Joining up with other to make bigger volume help in many way. Just keep in mind that your purpose is to join with the mighty ocean and not spend time trying to reshape the earth.

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