Feng Shui of a Swedish Floating Hotel.

Now, this “ArticBath” Swedish floaring hotel has good feng shui, not only it is simple and elegant but the form and configuration is also ritually correct as well and that is what we would aim for in good feng shui.

Let’s look at it from a Feng Shui perspective, the environment is water and Water can generate and support Wood, in shape and in material. The courtyard in the middle is Metal and Metal again is in harmony with Water, and the much larger amount of water can weaken the Metal and make it soft and pliable, which is how we would make tools and jewllery. Often Fire is involved as well and it is good to see that the logs used are not uniformly vertical but in angles at ramdom to associate with the Fire phase.

The architect most likely dose not know much about Feng Shui, but like all good design they always have the Feng Shui principles involved, because Feng Shui is abouit finding harmony and balnce in the built-form and how it can relate to our living environment in a mutually productive way and that is the same for good design, at least in the old-fashion way of looking at design. Nowadays design seem to be like our modern society and politics, they aimed to be extreme instead of being “wu-wei” and allow things to be self-thus.

In the process of assessing this building, I not only use Wuxing Shen-Ke (the mutual generating and controlling of the Five-Phase) to look at the relationship between the whole and its parts, but I also use correlative and causal thinking at the same time. Can you tell the difference and where they occurred? If you can then you have a better chance of being an efficacious Feng Shui, consultant if you have no idea what I am talking about, then please read up on Chinese correlative thinking in books like A.C Graham’s “Yin-Yang and the Nature of Correlative Thinking”. Photos from CNN Travel:


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