BaZi 10-on-10 : 7K/RW, Claymore mine

Some explosive devices have more purpose than other, as they have a direction of destruction. Its important sometimes to know who are your target before being aggressive. Being unidirectional instead of multidirectional contain the destruction force toward the intended target/enemy.

7 Killing (7K) is generally an aggressive star that is not look upon as auspicious. It has a very high volatility factor and often ignored risk (able to take in more risk) when compare to the other star. Rob Wealth (RW) on the other hand want to avoid hard confrontation and find easy way out. This mixture of personality give them a strategic aggression profile. They do not take action unless its to their advantage, as in there is always a purpose to what they choose to do.

When 7K/RW appear in the year, you find yourself among the more popular leadership persona. They know how to carefully position themselves and take up all the necessary task that elevate their social status. They can gather support and lead just enough that it look very much like a group action. They have good natural leadership magnetism being courageous and charming at the same time.

The month govern a person work attitude and when 7K/RW appear in the month you can expect a potent corporate figure. They know how to play the political game and they are more than willing to execute all the necessary plan. Imagine placing a directional explosive waiting for the enemy to walk right in. They can be the first to the task, as so it will inspire other to take up further task. Slight caveat is that they will choose the easiest task to volunteer themselves for and in hope other will pickup the harder task.

7K/RW fall into the hour make a person expose to more extreme thinking. They tend to want things fast and hence thought are mostly about shortcut. It is fine when they are demanding on themselves but it become an issue when they impose such standard upon other.

This is overall one of the more functional 7K combination when it come to personal gain as they will not involve other into their path if you are not useful to the overall plan. The chance of dragging innocent into the foray of execution is very low. At the same time, if they see you are an integral part of they plan then it is also hard to escape their clutches. Somehow they will make you involve and drag you into the mud.

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