BaZi 10-on-10 :7K/EG, Assault Rifle

I have personally always love the assault rifle because of its versatility. High power, single, semi or fully auto mode. Able to link with other firearm like a grenade launcher. Good in long, medium and even close range situation. A lot of thought has been put into this piece of equipment to make it durable and multi functional in vast variety of situation and setup.

7K star is notorious for being single track minded. They are among the most effective executor because of their ability to see everything as a nail … and they shall hammer through every situation … regardless of its appropriateness. When the creative force of EG is thrown into the foray, the 7K now understand options. They are now willing to try out other stuff and not just relying on one single method to get things done.

7K/EG appearing on the year pillar indicate that the person is socially agile and able to deliver result depending on requirement. Their friend circle is diverse and are not picky about character disposition. They understand how to mix with different society level whether its from the dark or light site of the road. This is one of the true personality of being street smart, they find way to get stuff executed without over exerting on the people around them. Stubborn enough to want it done but yet more than willing to compromise the method and result.

7K/EG appearing on the month pillar give you a rather versatile entrepreneur. They are adapted to find solution that fit the situation. They can downgrade or upgrade their requirement and standard at will and hence able to deliver at multiple requirement point. Project management is sorta their sweet spot when it come to career choice. Its difficult to challenge them as they can always get thing done themselves but yet they will try other venue or method first before reverting to getting their hands dirty.

7K/EG in the hour pillar show an inventor mindset. Prototyping is their thing and you will notice that they have started many different project but then unsure if they are ever going to finish any of them. Their mind mostly work on part of a larger construction and hence you see many unfinish small part. One day they might put those seemingly unfinish thing together and complete something majestic.

Overall the 7K/EG combination is the most functional and sought after paring for a 7K star. The aggressiveness of the 7K star is being curb and control by the creativeness of the EG star. We cannot deny that the courage that 7K give to a person help them reach higher goal in a faster pace. We just often dread the chosen path or method that the 7K often take which is destructive and hurtful.

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