BaZi 10-on-10 : DR/DW Accounting Book

One of the must have in running a successful business, what I means is proper accounting. Without this you will not know where all the transaction whether income or expenses is going. This would means it is much harder to ascertain your company performance and further difficulty to focus on the right activity.

This pillar is a little more ironic as the DR serve as a conservative protective star while the DW act more progressive toward wealth creation. To move or not to move that would be the question. This would means that the person would make necessary practical “adjustment” to serve its purpose to display a proper conservative picture as long as it make monetary sense.

DR/DW on the year show a person that is rather proper and transparent in term of handling public resource. They do not seems to have much personal interest bet rather feel it is the responsibility set upon them to present as it is. Generally make a great field reporter but can be rather boring with fact and figure. Do not expect and sugar coating form them.

This combination falling at the month yield a much desirable work attitude where they are responsible for the truth / fact. Not too fun for those more diplomatic individual as they bring out the hard fact about the situation. This people make real good critic and tend to bring out the best in someone through the process of fact assessment.

When it appear in the hour, you would be seeing a rather critical self thinker. Their concern tend to be skew toward building safety net. This is where the idea of saving often start and install into the next generation. They are quire sceptical of the future and tend to over prepared themselves for it.

This pillar is always good to be present as it help with conserving precious resource in a practical sense. They don’t just take information for the sake of keeping it, they tend to choose those value added information and emphasise on it. A boring pillar it is but a necessary pillar to ensure perseverance of practical order.

DR on DW rodrigo-dutertePresident Rodrigo Duterte having a penchant of public no nonsense. He has been critical with his stance against drug. His applied method is clear and effective but then again seen a not so diplomatic. Just as how account should be presented, not making money means not making money.

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