5 Things you should know about 2020

Imagine being stranded in the wilderness on the onset of winter, snow falling down, wood are wet and yet you are able to start the only fire. How are you going to keep the fire burning ? This is the imagery picture of your year 2020, kinda grim but yet ray of hope is all around.

2020 BaZi

The above is the year 2020 BaZi chart which all astrologer using BaZi will use it to do prediction for the entire year. You can call this an imprint chart for 2020.

First is to notice that the fire is quite lonely and surrounded by Earth all round. Earth is the element that is produce by fire and hence we can see that Output star would be very demanding in 2020. The year is looking for innovation and yet inspiration is dim due to the overwhelming demand. The survival goes to whoever is able to change their way.

Second to note that water is considerably strong which is the Influence element for the chart. Not only the situation is demanding on one hand, it is also stressful on the other. Imagine a city that is supplying toward an army and barely have enough for their own people and now looking at yet another army coming toward them to attack.

Third, the wealth star, Metal element is in Death and Emptiness. This generally translate to scarce opportunity in the market. Have to supply other, getting attack and now being told that you are lack of option as well. Typical business would need to invest into innovation, fight off competitor advancement and at the same time not making money, what a bleeding edge year.

Forth, the almighty red wood element that is sustaining the fire. The element that is holding the fire together which will decide the overall survival. Resource can be translated into a few different meaning where knowledge is the most common choice. Your ability to allow help to reach you is what decide your 2020 survival. Learning how to survive this is the real lesson of 2020

Finally, the little fire at the core of the year. The main question is are you able to move on. Staying put beside the tree might look like a good option but face it you lack tool to cut the tree down and continue the fire. This situation call you to salvage your resource and move on to the next destination instead of staying put.

I know it sound sad of a year. If you have watch Thor : Ragnarok then you would be familiar with the word “Asgard is where the people is”. Your job is to defend the people and not the city. Abandon the attachment and move with the people. People would be your greatest asset this year … as we come together to brace the winter, we all stand a better chance of fighting the bitter cold.

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