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A cup of good quality liquor is often associated with high power meeting. The the melting of the ice that bring out the true taste of the quality spirit. Alcohol in traditional Chinese culture is a method used to test a person culture and upbringing. They want to know your true nature and when alcohol take its effect, it remove your internal refrain and hence your true self will reveal itself. It is after this that they would decide if you are worthy of business dealing.

2020 Bing

Bing Fire is presented with Indirect Wealth (IW) and Direct Officer (DO) for the Year 2020. This indicate an opportunity to assume power which done right can present itself as a great money making year. Being able to join the ranking is like being invited into the place to see the emperor which is a big deal in the olden day. For modern context this is like meeting with those with power and initiating a business meet-up. It is now about your performance and how you carry this power in the coming year.

The Opportunity : Look for what the leader want/miss and bring it to their attention. You will somehow be ask to head the project or to assume the leadership role in that situation. Look back at your previous victory to draw strength if you are doubting your own ability.

The Risk : Power hunger might be something that you would like to address. The power is like a cloud that engulf the sun blocking its shine. Your normal bubbly cheerful self which is usually carefree is not swamp with other people worry and expectation. You saw the silver lining of opportunity but didn’t expect the burden can be so great.

Staying Motivated : Innovation and your ability to adapt and produce would be required. Try something new each and everything your leadership is being tested. You are given formal authority to do so. You have to plant a seed at the silver lining and give faith that it will grow into a strong big tree.

2020 can carry the feeling of out of place as both Geng and Gui are not element that is fully under your control. It is like playing with the remote drone within an area of poor GPS signal. Often loosing connection with the drone and in hope that the battery don’t run out before it fly back to you. The drone does give you the crucial bird eye view to make greater decision. catch those little moment and you shall reach high.

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