QiMen 2020 North East Destiny Palace

This is intended to provide you with an additional layer of understanding of your own destiny from QiMen perspective in year 2020. I personally found layering information from BaZi, FengShui and QiMen give a much more useful complete picture in yearly planning.

For those not too familiar with the QiMen system, you need to first locate your own QiMen Destiny Palace. Please goto www.joeyyap.com/bzchart to print your BaZi chart and you can find your destiny palace at the top portion of the report. You will find the box below with your other QiMen Destiny information. over the year 2020, I will run through all the component of a QiMen Destiny, its time you all get an upgrade of knowledge.


The art of running away

In 36 stratagem, the last move was run away to fight another battle. This box is exactly that.

Tiger Deity – this fellow is an additional battery pack, much like how many would carry one to extend their phone power throughout the day. Appearance of this would like cause you to over do or over extend the situation or action. Important for sportsman or competitive type activity (see who last longer)

Fear Door – the name did no justice as the door is in actual defensive in nature. They bring good sense to a person in really making a comparison in power between 2 party. If the tiger is really big … please don’t try using positive thinking to fight the tiger. Feed door give common sense.

Heart star – often signifies confidence and clear judgement. Which means that the situation is very clear cut.

Stem Ji / Yi – the Ji signifies complication while the Yi indicate solution. It’s a mix bunch situation where trouble is obviously hidden. You might not know the full extend and surprise keep showing up.

Hex Thread – name already suggest got risk. Qian and Dui both metal element. It’s a hidden fight, big knife vs small knife. Don’t get accidentally stab.

HS – Horse star would means thing happen fast. Which also means no time to respond or think.

What you can do with this box? Show people the truth. It’s a great box to knock sense into people and learn what is danger. It’s not suppose to be a pleasant experience, great to place “snowflake” there.

Need not worry, subject will survive the process and come out better. Can’t guarantee they won’t hate you …


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